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Frequently Asked Questions

At Carlin Law Office we want to answer any and all questions you have. Please take the time to read the following questions and answers. If you come up with any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

We cannot begin to negotiate seriously until your medical treatment is complete. Your first concern is to follow your doctor's orders until you feel better. After your medical treatment, we will gather all of the necessary data and begin to negotiate with the insurance company seriously. Sometimes, those negotiations can take several months. We will try to keep you informed as we go and settle your case as quickly as possible.

There is no way to estimate the value of your case when we open your file. Until we gather all the necessary materials concerning the liability issues and damage issues in your case, our estimate is not likely to be very accurate. Only after the necessary work is done will we have a reliable estimate.

We strive to keep you informed whenever there is anything important happening. We understand the importance of open communication between client and lawyer. While we would like to talk to you every week, this is usually not practical, since legal cases often take quite some time to resolve. Rest assured that we are pursuing your case, and that when important developments occur, we will call you immediately.

We will try to answer your questions promptly. If Mr. Carlin is not in or available when you call, leave a message and he will be in contact soon.

In most cases, you can settle your property damage claim on your own. You may decide to deal directly with the responsible person's insurance company or you may wish to settle under the collision portion of your own policy. If you settle with your company, your company should make a claim against the responsible person's insurance company and reimburse you for the deductible. This is part of the service you pay for you when you buy collision coverage. If your car was a total loss in the accident, there are several methods to help you figure out the fair market value of your car:

  • Classified ads in the newspaper
  • NADA Book - call your bank or credit union
  • Auto Trader Magazine - can be purchased at many convenience stores
  • Car Dealers
Once you've checked these sources, you should have a pretty good idea about the range of value for your car. When you settle your Property Damage Claim, be sure to let us review any documents before you sign them.

In this situation, the other driver is an "uninsured motorist". We will figure out the amount of uninsured motorist coverage applicable under any other automobile policies so that you may seek compensation from those insurance companies.

If someone you know is injured, we would be happy to speak with them about the accident and any potential claim. Please ask them to call the office and be sure to have them mention that they are a friend of yours. We will set up an appointment immediately. We handle all types of injury cases.


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